Our Primary Goal: To provide every underserved child with healthcare and educational services.


How are we funded?

Over the years funding for the Appalachian Life Quality Initiative (ALQI) has come from numerous sources, including grants from charitable foundations, state and federal grants, donations from the communities, religious congregations and institutions, individuals, hospitals, TennCare fees, as well as donations of public funds from local representatives. Important start-up funds were provided by B.R. Thompson Charitable Trust, (now ELGIN Children's Foundation) as well as continued support.

The Scott County Dental Clinic treats children up to the age of 21 with the majority having TennCare insurance. While the clinic uses a sliding fee scale for payment for those with no insurance, no child is turned away because of their inability to pay for services rendered. For this reason, we could not depend on TennCare to cover all the costs of the clinic. Grants, donations and professional volunteers have been an important part of the clinic and its success. The Scott County Commissioners voted to ready the building for the clinic and the county did not charge rent for several years.

ALQI faces great challenges as public funding for healthcare is debated and reformed-especially in Tennessee. With the tremendous loss of employment Scott county has experienced over the past several years, demands for our program services have increased while funding has decreased.

Agape Christian Learning Center receives funding from tuition, churches, fundraisers, and private donations. If you would like to support this program, please contact us.





Appalachian Life Quality Initiative (ALQI)


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